5th Grade Girls Step It Up to Help Me Reach My Goal!

I'm in California Skyping with the girls who are in Indiana

I had a very interesting video call on Skype last Thursday from eleven sweet fifth grade girls and three nice mothers. The call was regarding a bake sale they are going to have in front of Kroger’s in November to raise money for burn patients at Riley Hospital for Children.The girls are in a group called Girls of Grace. It’s a Bible study group for girls in their school district lead by two of their moms, Maryanne Roush and Jean Gresham. The girlsĀ  will be baking some treats and maybe making some crafts to sell. They’re working on setting up the date right now. As soon as I know, I’ll post it, so if anyone is at the Kroger in Westfield, Indiana they can stop by!

The girls asking me some great questions about my hike

Can you believe it? These girls want to help me raise money to donate to my walk across America for the kids at Riley. I truly feel blessed that the Girls of Grace are willing to help me with this charity. I had a blast Skyping with them. They asked me some great questions and had me laughing too. My thanks goes out to these girls for their ecstatic attitudes and willingness to host a bake sale. THANK YOU!!

Step It Up!

Here's all the girls with two moms who are the leaders of their group



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2 responses to “5th Grade Girls Step It Up to Help Me Reach My Goal!”

  1. Amber Van Osdol says :

    That’s so exciting! Way to go, Girls of Grace! Thanks for working so hard to help people in need.

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