Bottle Cap Kroger Fundraiser

This is Jesse’s mom again. Wow! The Girls of Grace really came through and did an AMAZING job on the fundraiser for Step It Up! They were talking to people like pros. They helped people pick out their magnets and necklaces, made suggestions on what to buy, and made some really good baked goods with their moms to sell too!

Some people were buying the necklaces for Christmas presents, and a lot of people bought cookies and brownies to take home to their familes. All in all it was an amazing day!

Many thanks to Mrs. Roush and Mrs. Gresham for organizing the event, to Kroger for letting us hold it there, and to all the Girls of Grace’s parents who helped with the crafts, baked goods, and shuttling the girls around from place to place. It was a fun, busy day with a lot of money made to donate to Step It Up!

I also need to tell you about another fundraiser, a 31 fundraiser, but I’ll save that for another blog.

So, are your ready to hear the grand total? The girls made over $257!! I can’t believe it! Thanks so much, Girls of Grace!



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