First Night on the Trail

For his first night on the trail, Jesse stayed in Riverdale Park in Anaheim, California. It was a bit dicey finding a place to set up his tent in busy Anaheim, but thanks to modern technology, we used an app and found a park in his area!

Day 2 of his adventure finds him hiking through some canyons trying to get to Norco, California (just north of Corona) because he is actually spending the night at one of his teacher’s homes. It’s about a 16-mile trek, but because of the canyons, and his adjusting to the weight of his pack, it’s going to be a tough hike. He’s hoping to make it there by nighttime.

He’s pumped for the trip and glad he’s finally on the trail.

Step it up, Jesse!


4 responses to “First Night on the Trail”

  1. Cassidy L. says :

    Good luck, Jesse! Have a fun trip!!! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ From a student of Mrs. Kane’s class (your aunt)

  2. cathi says :

    good luck jessie.
    we all miss you
    cathi from lisa/dallas in ontario, ca

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