Hello from the Trail!

Rainy Day!

Hi everyone! So far everyday holds a different adventure of meeting new people and already seeing some incredible scenery. Every person looks at me differently. Some wave, honk their horns, yell; some don’t know what to think. Two days ago a homeless man ran up to me and asked where I was posted up at, and that he’s just looking for an honest place to stay.

Nov. 20 I got caught in a cold, windy rain storm in the middle of nowhere. And my rain pants ripped, so I was wet for most of the day! Thankfully my good friend Jimmy Perez lives close to where I was walking, and he let me stay two nights at his home. My thanks also goes out to my friend Phil Cardon and his family. They gave me a place to stay in the Norco, CA area. Also Charlie Bow and his wife Julie Bow who helped me in many ways and gave me a place to stay as I was passing through the Riverside, CA area.

This experience so far has just been amazing, and it brings out so many emotions. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to do something big scale like this, so to actually be able to do it just brings me straight joy. Other than bad knee pain and a sore back, so far I’ve had nothing but crazy times and fun during this walk!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, and Step It Up!

Smooth road ahead of me in Cali!


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One response to “Hello from the Trail!”

  1. carol says :

    We love you, Jesse! It’s thanksgiving and we a re thinking of you!
    ~aunt Carol

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