100 Miles

If anything gets your attention when you’re walking through the desert, this sign will!

Jesse texted us a picture of this a few days ago as he entered the desert and started walking from 29 Palms, California. If you’ve got your map handy, he’s walking along Highway 62 through Joshua Tree National Park. He’s somewhere between 29 Palms and Rice, California.

The last Jesse updated us, he was struggling with the weight of the pack, but had just met Kent Treptow, a fellow cross-country hiker finishing up his hike, who told Jesse to use a baby jogger stroller to put his pack in. Well, Jesse couldn’t find one of those in a location close enough so that he could walk to get it, but he did find a utility cart at a hardware store in 29 Palms. He decided to give it a try and is SO happy with how much easier it’s made hiking. He was able to unload about half of the weight of his pack into the cart plus fit 4 gallons of water into the cart. So, he’s able to make better time and hike farther each day. Right now, he’s hiking about 16 miles a day.

Here’s a map of his location.

View Larger Map

Jesse is walking between 29 Palms and the city of Rice. Rice is located on the southern tip of the Mojave Desert. An interesting fact about Rice is that it’s a ghost town. No one lives there and there aren’t any standing buildings. So, no chance for Jesse to stock up on supplies there.

Jesse loves the beauty of the desert. Here’s a picture of one of the sights that he recently saw. I just hope one doesn’t wind up in his tent!! Jesse wasn’t sure if the snake was alive. It was so cold at the time when he saw it, so he was wondering if the cold killed the snake or if it was just too cold to move.

Tomorrow I’ll post his latest video. Jesse says, “Thanks for your support as I hike to raise money for Riley Hospital!”

Step it up!


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9 responses to “100 Miles”

  1. Cathy says :

    I’m. Very. Proud of you. Stay. Strong. I Have faith. N you. Remember god is watching out for you on your fabulous. Journey torts your destination

  2. Laurie Yeung says :

    Wow! What an amazing journey! Keeping you in my prayers.

  3. Mary Kane says :

    Keep going Jesse–the 5th Grade at Granger Christian School is praying for you!

  4. Nancy Herrmann says :

    Jesse What an amazing thing that you are doing, keep it up and we are praying for you!

  5. Cassie says :

    Jesse, I work with Riley Children’s Foundation and I’ve talked with you mom. The trek you’re taking is pretty incredible! Not only is it a HUGE physical undertaking, but the fundraising component of it shows your HUGE heart. Thanks so much for your support of the burn unit at Riley. I’ll be checking in on you periodically! Best of luck and my prayers are with you!

    • jessedvan says :

      Thank you Cassie! It’s good to hear from Some one at riley! The staff at Riley is full of amazing people so thank you for your support. The chance to try to give back is an incredible opportunity.

  6. janeevan says :

    Thanks everyone for your interest, encouragement and comments! Jesse’s cell phone reception in the desert is very sporadic, so he’s not getting time to respond to comments yet, but he has asked me in a text if anyone was following his progress. He was really encouraged when I told him about all your comments and prayers. They keep him going. Thanks!

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