Food, Water and a Visit from the Police

Jesse and Mark (Jesse’s dad) had a good conversation on Monday, November 28. Mark said that Jesse was in really good spirits. The cart he purchased (for only about $10, see the first video) was making the walk so much easier, because it drastically reduced the weight in his backpack. So far, it is rolling along well.

Jesse couldn’t get over the huge expanse of the desert. He said, “I climb up hills on the road, look ahead of me, and I can see forever until the road disappears on the horizon.” It’s as if the desert never ends!

Logistically Speaking …

Mark and Jesse talked about supplies and his route.

  • Jesse has 2 gallons of water left (this is a concern)
  • His food supply is running low
  • He is 25 miles away from the next road intersection at CA 177
  • Then it’s another 22 miles to the ghost town of Rice, CA (where he should find the California Aqueduct and hopefully more water. Read about the Aqueduct . It’s really interesting how they pipe water through the desert to Southern California.)
  • After that, it’s another 19 miles to the next major intersection at Vidal Junction (that doesn’t mean there’s anything there, though).
  • And finally, from Vidal Junction it’s 16 miles to Parker, Arizona, which means civilization and restocking of supplies!

On a final interesting (and comforting) note, several people have driven by him on he highway, asking if he’s okay and if he needs anything. One time, a police car stopped and checked on him, because a person driving on the highway called the police when he saw Jesse. The person thought Jesse was weaving around when he was walking and maybe in distress (which he wasn’t), but the police found Jesse just to be sure! : )

Here’s a video Jesse took that shows you a bit of the desert!

Step it Up!


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2 responses to “Food, Water and a Visit from the Police”

  1. Robert Herrmann says :

    Hey Jesse, I’m glad you were able to get more water for your journey. Prayers and water are very important. I hope the WINDS have died down. I think your walk across AMERICA will be better once you get away from the desert. Love Grandpa H.

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