The Problem of Water

Amazing people. Yup. Jesse is meeting some amazing people on his hike across America. One such “people” is actually a family of eight that Jesse met the other day on the hiking trail.

Chicoine Family

In the last post, I shared how Jesse’s supplies of food and water are running low. This was getting to be a concern for him when he ran across the Chicoine family, who is finishing up an adventure of their own. Four members of the Chicoine family have been running a marathon a day, that’s right, I said a marathon a day, across the US and Canada to raise awareness and money for their cause called Marathon of Health. The other four members of the family are their support team.

Well, Jesse met up with them on the trail and shared his story. When they heard about his concern for food and water, they went into their RV and gave him a gallon of water and some food! What a blessing and many thanks to this wonderful family. If you get a chance, check out their Marathon of Health.

Later that same day, a passing motorist stopped and gave Jesse a half gallon of water, so both of these events helped tide him over until he reached the …

California Aqueduct

Yes, Jesse is nearing Rice, CA, and he reached the aqueduct which runs along the trail piping water into Southern California. He was able to get into the aqueduct and filled up a gallon jug of water. He says, however, that it’s not an easy task. He has to scale a fence and then there’s a really steep drop off down to the water. (If Jesse says it’s not easy, that means it’s really hard, ‘cuz he’s very good at climbing, jumping and scaling things!) But the good news is that he was able to get water and that will help with the food problem. He has lots of packets of instant oatmeal, so he can boil the water from the aqueduct on his camp stove to make oatmeal.

So, if he’s nearing Rice, CA, that puts him about 35 miles from Parker! Hopefully, he’ll make it by the end of this week. He’s ready to see some civilization again and get a shower. He was really excited because he got two more donations at his First Giving site, which puts him at almost $2,ooo raised!

Thanks for your support and …

Step It Up!


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10 responses to “The Problem of Water”

  1. Catherine Herrmann says :

    Hi Jesse, We are keeping up our prayers for you on your walk across America. God bless you and keep up your spirits. We love you. Grandma @ Grandpa H.

  2. Margaret Roush says :

    Girls Of Grace is very excited about your updates and we are excited that you got 2 Thanksgivings! we’re praying for you!

  3. Henrik says :

    Hey Jesse
    Me and my family were driving west on 62 north of Joshua tree National Park On the 28 of nov – and passed at young man walking along with his small cart – in the midle of now where. We had just passed some of the most remote areas in the south-west and that was where he was heading! We had to turn around and …..then we met a very happy and friendly young man called “Jesse”. 
    We talked for a few minutes, and asked if he needed anything – He said “No thanks – I am good” – I think he was just too modest and happy about the whole situation, that he did not want to say “yes” to any offer. 
    We convinced him to take a little “drink” though-:)
    Jesse – we talked about the friendly, happy and tough young man all the way back to San Diego. 
    We are glad to hear that you made it through the extreme areas and wish all the best for you and your goals. It was very nice to meet you. 
    Step it up!
    Henrik (Denmark)

    • Catherine Herrmann says :

      Jesse, I’m happy to read about all the nice people you are meeting on your journey. It’s good to know all is going well with you. Grandpa and I will continue to pray for good weather and safe traveling for you

      Love,Grandma and Grandpa H.

    • janeevan says :


      This is Jesse’s mom. He has very little battery on his phone, so it takes him a while to reply to people. He read your comment and was so excited that you remembered him. He said how nice your family was and that it really brightened up his day. He is going to try to reply as soon as he can. Thanks so much for your kindness to him. It made my day too!

    • jessedvan says :

      Henrik and family: thank you so much for stopping that day in the desert, you lifted my spirits in hard time! The fact that you took the time and interest to stop and see what I was doing shows the good in you. The chocolate milk made my day… So thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you and your family.

  4. Robert Herrmann says :

    Hi Jesse, grandpa H here. Grandma & I are happy that you are making headway on your journey across AMERICA. As well as your Mom, we also are very grateful to the wonderful people that helped you along the way. You are very brave to make this journey by yourself. Not very many people do this. You are a remarkable young man. We are very proud of you.

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