Forever Roads

Mojave Desert Joshua Tree National Park

The Mojave Desert was an incredible experience. One that I’m glad I had, but also am glad it is behind me! My last small town with resources I was in before I hit the desert was Twenty Nine Palms, California.  Knowing there was about a 110-mile stretch of nothing but sweat and good times coming up, I began scrambling to somehow figure a way to carry the sufficient amount of water that I needed for the desert. Basically it came down to a $10 small dolly cart that is engineered for the granny to get her groceries down the blocks to her home.

I got a little over 3 gallons of water, food, and about half of my backpack’s misc. items to fit in it. It rolled sort of well in a kind of pathetic cart way and away I went! My days consisted of a drive to hit 20 miles and lots of steps. I could not decide whether I like the desert. Whether it was hot or cold…beautiful or ugly. Still not sure what to think.

With absolutely nothing around, it gave me more than enough time to think; and surprisingly all I could think about was my young childhood and how easy it was. The more lost in thought I was, the better; it helped keep my sanity because whenever I looked up, the road was so long and straight that I could never see an end. Sometimes it would take up to an hour and a half or about 4.5 miles to even see a slight curve in the road, which would be a spirit lifter knowing you’re making some sort of progress. I simply called those the “forever roads.”

For the most part the days were hot and the nights were cold, So I was constantly changing clothing. I met a lot of amazing people out in the desert. A family of eight from Canada who ran west coast to east coast in Canada, then running east coast to west coast across America. They were trying to promote families to live more active lifestyles. They also gave me about a half gallon of water because I was running low.

I met two couples who were biking across the country (shout out to my Uncle Steve who biked from Indiana to California), one couple from New York and one from Florida. I later met a very interesting character from Germany who biked all over Europe. He wasn’t satisfied with that, so now he’s also biking all around the US. He had many stories, and I’d love to meet him again. There were random people who stopped in cars making sure I was okay. A family from Denmark stopped took my picture and even gave me a chocolate milk, which was just a huge spirit lifter. So thank you to all the nice people I met in the Mojave Desert.

In my next post, I’ll tell you about the night and day I spend in the Santa Ana wind storm!

The picture on this page is from Wikipedia, because I didn’t have a good one. I walked right through where this was taken.

Thanks for your support, and Step It Up!


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One response to “Forever Roads”

  1. carol says :

    Go Jesse! We anxiously await each of your blogs. We love hearing your revelations…esp that one about your easy childhood…HA! We love you! Take it one step at a time.

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