“Manna” in the Desert

Jesse was walking along the desert highway the other day talking to his Aunt Mary on the phone when all of the sudden Mary heard Jesse exclaim, “Oh my gosh! That’s amazing!”

“What is it, Jesse?” Mary asked.

“That’s amazing! I can’t believe it!” Jesse said again.

By this time, Mary was really wondering what was going on. “What? What’s amazing?” she said again.

Jesse told her that lying on the side of the road was a head lamp and a perfect-looking orange. By head lamp, Jesse meant one of those lights that comes with a circular, headband-like strap that hikers wear around their heads. It allows them to walk at night and have a light on, but it doesn’t require you to use your hands.

Jesse told her that the new-ish light was just barely off the highway, lying on the other side of the white line and an undamaged, perfect orange was sitting right next to the light, just as if someone had placed them there personally for Jesse to find. But it was absolutely deserted–not a soul, car or orange tree in sight.

You see, about a week ago, Jesse’s own head lamp had broken. It got some water in it in a rain storm and quit working. “I’ve really been missing that light,” Jesse said. “The only other light I have is this tiny flashlight that doesn’t put out much light and I have to hold it, so it’s hard to do anything. I was really wanting to replace that light. I can’t believe I find this perfect light–and orange–out here on the highway! How did they get here? I was the only person on this earth who knew that my head lamp broke!”

Aunt Mary laughed and told Jesse “God wants you to know that He’s the only One you need. It’s just like the Israelites who were wandering in the desert for 40 years; God completely provided for their needs and sustained them.  And that’s what He’s doing for you. And there’s something else too,” she said. “Whenever God is getting ready to use someone greatly, He often sends them to the desert. He did that with John the Baptist, with Jesus and with the Israelites. God’s preparing you for whatever He wants you to do next in your life.”

All of us were amazed at this story and Jesse’s dad, always a quick study, noted “I hope Jesse gets done in the desert quicker than the Israelites did!”

An amazing moment altogether. One that we won’t forget.

Step It Up!


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