“I’m Home”

The poverty of America is so real, so humbling, and it’s right in my face. I have met so many homeless people and they are as real as it gets. They are the most truthful and some of the nicest people I have met on this whole trip. To see the stuck up arrogance of the “city” people just makes me sick. Is it because I have a beard and push a cart that you won’t look me in my eye, return a smile or a simple hi?

Is America too proud to just acknowledge the lady sitting on her stuff sack, smoking her cigarette, holding the sign “hard times and God bless?” If I can spare her two dollars and a conversation, I know the guy in his Mercedes Benz can. Why am I so blessed? Why do I have the technology to post this sitting on the side of a canal? Why am I the one with a duffel bag full of food?

About an hour ago walking through the heart of Phoenix I met an extremely grateful man. He was making his bed on the gravel under the bridge of Interstate 10. I asked if he was hungry because I have plenty of food. He smiled and said, “No thank you.. I’m quite all right. I have everything I need… I’m HOME.”


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6 responses to ““I’m Home””

  1. Robert Herrmann says :

    Hi Jesse, Grandma and I read your blog ” I’m Home ” Its very sad that we have homeless people in the USA. Our Officials are good at helping other countries with their starving people, BUT WILL NOT DO ANYTHING to help our own. I’ll leave it at that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE. You have another candle in church burning brightly for you.Be careful and god bless you Love Grandpa

  2. janeevan says :


    You bring up some questions here that aren’t easy to answer. Like “Why am I so blessed?” Sometimes there is an obvious answer as to why someone is poor or is struggling. Sometimes people make choices that lead to consequences. If you have an addiction, you will squander whatever resources you have to feed that addiction. Or sometimes people live in a country that’s run by a corrupt ruler, like Kim Jong-il in North Korea; because of his evil regime, his own people suffer and starve.

    Sometimes it’s generations of poverty in a family that can be broken by one generation daring to do something different–like Shepherd Community is doing in Indianapolis. Over the last few years, they have graduated and sent about 30 or 40 high school students to college–many for the first time in their families.

    Sometimes there are no obvious answers. Times are hard. People become sick or lose their jobs. I think the real challenge becomes not becoming overwhelmed or oblivious to poverty. Some think the problem is too big, what good can I do? You help who you can–who God puts on your heart and in your path. A verse in Luke 12:48 says “For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required.” Jesus gives us the mandate to carry on His work in the world. When you offered the man your food that’s what you were doing. God does not want us to be overwhelmed by the evil and destitution in the world,:He wants us to overwhelm the world with His goodness. (Romans 12:21).

    You as one person have already raised almost $8000 to help burn victims. You’ve helped people you’ve come across, and you’ve been helped by others on this trip. That’s the kingdom of God at work.

  3. Jean Dunn Wirick says :

    Jesse – your most recent post about the homeless made me cry. It is so true. The priorities of this country are so out of balance. Thanks for reminding us. We’re praying for you every day.
    Jean Dunn Wirick (& husband JP) (I grew up down the street from your mom)

  4. Jean Dunn Wirick says :

    I was reminded of this song after I read your blog. It always pierces my heart and shakes me enough to realize how easy it is to ignore all the poverty in this country.

  5. Amber Van Osdol says :

    Jess – I love that you are struggling with these questions. It’s hard, heart-wrenching work, but if we don’t do it we miss out on what God is trying to do in our hearts and how we can get to know and love “the least of these.” Hang in there, and be encouraged that you are someone who gave those people dignity by smiling at them and looking them in the eye. That simple act can mean so much to them! I love you, and happy birthday!!

  6. cathi says :

    jessy im glad that you see how the world is its giving you a clear picture of how life truely is today
    keep on stepin enjoy the people you meet and i will be praying for you
    with much love

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