In the Middle of Nowhere

Jesse has been out of service for the last few days in the mountains in Arizona trying to get to Willcox, Arizona. We haven’t had any contact with him until today when I found the following message on my Facebook page:

Hi mom! I’m currently at a community center off of Cascabel Road. I’m in a debate over whether to continue through the mountain roads east or take Cascabel south towards the I 10. The mountain roads have been less than easy… a lot has happened but basically the roads that Google tell me to take aren’t there..or there are roads that Google doesn’t show…it’s a miracle I have made it this far. A dirt road I was on ended 2 miles west of Cascabel today and I had to walk through river beds…cut my way through thick woods, hop fences and ultimately climb about a 16 foot cliff to get onto Cascabel road..and then with a rope, I had to drag my cart up.

Cascabel Community Center

This community center is a blessing because I’m down to a bottle of water. And really needed a revive for the mountains roads were less than ideal and never flat. Extremely steep up and down hills never ending. So my knees are shot. I have more burrs in my clothes than I can get out. So I don’t know yet which route I’m going to take. I’m letting my phone charge because I need it for gps. Still no service here. That’s whyI’m writing you. So either way expect to not here from me for probably another two days. I talked to a local, and a cold front is blowing in for the next 3 days and is suppose to get below freezing :(. Anyways got to go love u.


Jesse is at the location of “A” on the above map. Here is the link to go to it on Google maps:  Map

(Jesse’s dad, Mark, and his grandpa both think Jess needs to head to I 10.)

So, the Cascabel Community Center is a blessing for Jesse to get some rest, water, and use their computer room. I found a link to the center on Google. It has an interesting history. Coronado was the first explorer to reach it in the 1500s, and it is Apache country. You can read about it at this link:  Cascabel

Finally, I’ll leave you with a video Jesse took when he entered into this area. We should be hearing from him again in a few days–hopefully by Christmas!

Step It Up!


8 responses to “In the Middle of Nowhere”

  1. Robert Herrmann says :

    Hi Jesse, We are sorry to hear that you are running into bad weather. Grandma & I were hoping that you would have better weather conditions for your walk across America. We are praying for you so that the weather turns warmer. Love, Grandma & Grandpa H.

  2. Cassidy says :

    Wow I hope he’ll get reception soon!

  3. Charlie Bow says :

    Maybe if Jesse makes a hat out of aluminum foil he’ll get that not-so-smart phone to operate. Kidding of course! Jesse, try to avoid those mountains, they’ll make you old fast! Merry Christmas my friend.

    • jesse vanosdol says :

      haha charlie your killing me lol. My extremely smart phone is just fine thank you, I would point the blame at the fact that i was in the middle of nowhere. 🙂 merry christmas

  4. Rebecca says :

    Jesse, my husband, John, owns the Bicycle Cellar and was touched by your effort and your story. He came home and told me about you with tears in his eyes…. I’ll be following you and have family and friends along I-10 (if you decide to go that route) that I can set you up with maybe a place to stay and a warm shower and anything else that you might need.
    I’ll be following your posts and will keep you in prayer for the duration of your journey.

    • jessedvan says :

      Rebecca, thank you for writing me! I’m so grateful for your husbands good heart and helping me at the bicycle cellar! From willcox I will be mostly following the i10 or with like 15 miles of it. So a place to stay is always very helpfully! My cousin Ashley will be joining me dec 25 and will be walking with me for two weeks. So just the heads up that there would be two of us :).

    • Robert Herrmann says :

      Rebecca, We are Jesse’s Grandparents. We appreciate your kindness toward our Grandson. We are grateful for all the good people that Jesse has met along his walk. Bob & Catherine

  5. janeevan says :

    Thank you, Rebecca!

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