You never know what you’ll find as you’re hiking through New Mexico, and Jesse and Ashley heard their visitor before they saw him. A rattling sound stopped them in their tracks, and they looked around and found the unfriendly snake hiding in the weeds.

As you can see in the picture on the right, he got into a striking position.

If you click on the video below, you can actually hear the snake rattling, and Ashely yelling in the background.

Step it up–but be careful where you walk!





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2 responses to “Rattlesnake!”

  1. Charlie Bow says :

    Hello Jesse and Others,

    I love the rattlesnake situation; we used to hunt them and fry them up for some unusual snacks. They always give you a warning if they can and the last thing that looks like dinner to them is a human. Well done, I’m glad that you handled it well! Now quit fooling around and get to walking!

    Charlie Bow

    • jessedvan says :

      Hey charlie, the rattle snake was one of my favorite wild life I have seen so far. I was able to get out of high grass with a long stick onto the path infront of me. I considered eating it but I guess I’m not as crazy as you!

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