New Mexico Teepee

Jesse and Ashley were excited to come across a truck rest stop somewhere in the vicinity of Stein or Lordsburg, New Mexico, which allowed them to get a few treats to eat for the evening.

They were even more surprised to find this huge, two-story teepee. They went inside and found that they could sleep in it that night. They were going to pitch their tents inside the teepee, but decided to take a break from having to set up their tents. Jesse said it gets to be a chore to have to make camp every night. So, they just pulled out their sleeping bags.

They suffered through a cold night, however, because the teepee was so big it was rather drafty and not nearly as warm as their tents would have been.

You can get an idea at how huge the teepee was. That’s Jesse standing in front of it, and he’s about 6’1″!

In these other pictures, Jesse took a picture of Ashley trying to run through a really muddy patch, and she unfortunatley “bit the dust, er mud” right after Jesse snapped the pic!

And I wonder what Jesse is using on his hair to get it all spikey in the third picture, below.

Actually, I think it’s just dirt! : D

Jesse can’t get over how tough Ashley is. She is keeping up with Jesse, and they’re walking over 20 miles a day. She has such a long stride that Jesse had to actually ask her to slow down a bit. The only problem–and it’s a big one–is that she has developed some massive blisters on the bottom of her feet from her boots, which are a bit too big, so she may have to cut her trip short. They haven’t been able to find any other shoe stores to get her a better pair of boots. We’ll keep you updated!

Step It Up!


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