Ashley’s Two Cents

Here’s Ashley VanOsdol’s thoughts after walking with Jesse for a week:

A Haiku about walking with Jesse as he crosses our beautiful & colossal country

Truck stops & tepees

Snakes, trains, blisters & hobos

20 mile routine, Arr!

Originally, I planned to hike with Jesse for 13 days but due to feet problems, I only completed 7 days. I have even more respect for what Jesse is doing now. It’s just so continuous!

Random Trip Highlights:

• A delicious New Years Eve meal at a classy truck stop (bonfire included)

• We started every day in the desert with a Christmas song & wore Santa hats the day after Christmas

• We crossed the Arizona/New Mexico border and walked about 150 miles

• We were able to observe border patrol actions which included immigration checkpoints and a curiosity in why we were walking within 30 miles of the border….

• We got to sleep in a tepee, play with a rattlesnake; we got to see the joy and hear the excitement of a hobo hitching a ride on a train. Train hopping still does happen!

Thanks for letting me walk with you Jesse! Keep it up!



6 responses to “Ashley’s Two Cents”

  1. Gary Mitchell says :

    Hi, Jesse, I have been keeping up with your walk across country.I have 102 days until I do my walk for cancer research,in February i will be a 17 year survivor, I had stage three cancer in 1995 and now my sister has had breast cancer and will be taking her last chemo treatment . I will be doing this walk over
    100 miles in about 11 days.
    Good luck on your trip.

    • jessedvan says :

      Hi Gary, sounds like you have your own story of inspiration and victories. i appreciate you writing on my blog. I will keep you and your sister in my prayers. I am very excited to hear more about your walk, and I would like to know what I can do to support you and your sister. Lastly, will you be blogging on your walk?

      • Gary Mitchell says :

        Thank Jesse
        I got your little memento from your mom,
        1. Would it be possible for you help help me design a web site like the one you have?
        2.Pass along to friends about my walk. Even though it will be for only 10-12 days this, I will be walking about 120 miles.
        I will be using three wheel bike trailer like you have.
        I know that you have internet service.
        You type in
        gary mitchell walk for cancer research.
        Then you will cancer survivor walk for cancer research, then clip that video and you will see story I had with our local tv station.

  2. Gary Mitchell says :

    Hi Jesse
    Thanks for returning reply.
    Yes there is a way you can help.

    1. Would it be possible for you to help me design a web site that would help get my walk for cancer research out to the public? Like the one you have.
    In April this year I will be doing 120 mile walk for cancer research.
    In 1995, I had stage three cancer and in feb will be starting my 17 year as a survivor.
    My sister is taking chemo for breast cancer she had to have surgery.Had on breast removed. They took out some lymp nodes to see if it spread , but it came negitive which is good news She just has one more treatment.
    Yes I will be blogging on my but I don’t know have blogg site.
    You can my interview with our tv station.
    Type in the following.
    gary mitchell walk for cancer research.

    Then you see page where it has other stuff
    Go down to cancer survivor walk for cancer research
    click on that
    then cick video
    Let me know you think. you can pass this on to your web site and friends.
    They can also email me

    • janeevan says :

      Hi Gary,

      This is Jane, Jesse’s mom. I set up his website and do the posting for him.

      For Jesse’s site, I used It’s free, easy to use, works well with the search engines, and you can have a blog up and running in about 30 minutes. You just set up an account at and choose your theme. I chose the theme called Skeptical for Jesse’s blog, but swapped out the header for a different one.

      Take a look at WordPress and see what you think. I could help you with questions if you have any.

      By the way, your email address did not work for me.


      • Gary Mitchell says :

        Hi I am glad to meet you. I am Gary Mitchell. I have been following Jesse walk on his web site; Does he use a bike tralilor so he can push it and carry more stuff in. I am going to use a three wheel trailer like you use to put kids in and pull by a bicycle.
        I will look at that web site and see what I come up with.
        Really proud of what your son is doing.
        My prayers are with him and for you and family members .

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