As you’ve probably figured out, Jesse crossed over into Texas on January 7! This is the fourth state he has walked into, and he is making faster progress than we thought he would.

Jesse usually walks over 20 miles a day, and the most he has walked so far is 30 miles!

He quickly walked to Borderland, Texas, an area of El Paso. He had an interesting experience here. A reporter from KFox TV in El Paso set up a time to interview him Saturday morning. Jesse was excited to get some coverage for his walk. Unfortunately, he called Jesse at the time he was supposed to arrive to interview him. An interview he was already at was running long, and he had to immediately go to another appointment after that, so he had to cancel the interview. They did, however, post a picture of him and tell about his walk on the newscast, so Jesse did get some news coverage, which you can see in the previous blog post.

Jesse was fascinated by this water tunnel he walked through (see this next picture). This was a big water tunnel that runs directly underneath I-10, the highway that runs through Texas. It allows any rain water and moisture to drain underneath the highway. You can see how dry the ground is where he is standing. Jesse said he could look up and see the cars zooming by.

Jesse is now in the Van Horn, Texas area and is once again getting ready to walk through a desolate area. This is Commanche country and has a harsh climate. It has mountains and desert and is known for severe weather changes. Jesse just stocked up on food again, and is ready to head east.

Here’s a map of where he currently is. Click on Van Horn to view this on  Google maps.

Step It Up!


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One response to “Texas!”

  1. Gary Mitchell says :

    He Jesse
    Looks like your doing really great. Is that a cart you are using? Your mom emailed me and sent me few ideas. I am going to be using one my walk. Will you be comming through WV on your walk? Route 50 goes all the way across WV. Let me know if you do.

    God bless

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