Two Milestones in One Day

There’s no doubt that Jesse has been stepping it up lately. On Sunday, January 15, Jesse reached two milestones:

  1. He walked his first 4o-mile day!
  2. He walked his 1,000th mile!

Sunday was a banner day. Way to step it up, Jesse!

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5 responses to “Two Milestones in One Day”

  1. Gary Mitchell says :

    Hey Jesse
    SUPER FANTASTIC 1000 miles all ready and walked 40 miles. WOW, a DOUBLE WOW.
    You desrve a day off.

  2. Bill Dee says :

    Jesse! Kudos, you are most definitely da’ man! I am so impressed and in awe of such a feat. I am following your progress, and am sooo proud of you!

    Arizona “the Belt” Bill

  3. alan says :

    Hey jesse,i met you out in the middle of the desert,gave you a patching kit for your trailer.Man,40 miles in one day,I’m impressed,I would say that the hardest part might over,Its all down hill now LOL

  4. Robert Herrmann says :

    Wow 40 MILES IN ONE DAY! How are your feet and shoes holding up? You have reached another goal, 1000 miles traveled in your walk across America. Its a good thing that you are not walking in Michigan! The temperature is 17 degrees and we have an abundance of snow on the ground. Keep up the good work. You are doing great. Love Grandpa & Grandma H.

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