Help From Two New Friends

As Jesse made his way into Van Horn, Texas, he did so with a gimpy cart. He had a flat tire on one of the wheels, which of course makes the cart much harder to pull and maneuver. He stopped outside the Eagle Hardware Lumber and Feed Company and sat down to try to fix the tire. It was cold out there, but he got the tire off and pulled out a patching kit he’d bought previously to try and make a repair.

He soon found that he didn’t have just one hole in the tire; no, he found another, then another … he stopped counting at about 12. About that time, one of the employees of Eagle Hardware spotted him outside and came to investigate. After hearing Jesse’s story, he invited Jesse inside the store where it was warm and gave him a table to work at. Jesse was so glad to meet the two wonderful employees of Eagle Hardware, Jim Childress and David Scott. They both pitched in and started helping.

Jim slipped out of the store and went and bought Jesse a hot chocolate and a bowl of hot soup to help him thaw out from the cold. Then he bought Jesse a solid rubber tube–a much sturdier one than the original–to replace the damaged-beyond-repair inner tube. The three of them spent the next half-hour fixing Jesse’s cart.

With Jim and Dave telling jokes, laughing and talking, the time passed quickly, and Jesse was sorry to have to leave. He felt like he had gained two new friends in just a few hours–and was so thankful for the blessing of help and friendship extended to a stranger.

So, if you’re around Van Horn, Texas, stop in at Eagle Hardware to give some business to Jim and Dave. Tell them Jesse sent you.

Step It Up!


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One response to “Help From Two New Friends”

  1. Robert Herrmann says :

    Hi Jesse, We just read your latest episode in Van Horn Texas. We send our thanks to Jim & Dave from Eagle Hardware Lumber & feed company. They took the time to help you fix the tire on your cart and also to feed you. They are two great guys. We are tracking on our atlas Map Book. Stay safe Jesse. Love Grandpa & Grandma H.

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