The Traveler Kid

Recently, Jesse walked into VanHorn, Texas and was headed to a restaurant to get a bite to eat. As he was walking along the sidewalk, he passed an old man and said hello to him. That started an hour-long conversation with a man called the “Traveler Kid.” Traveler Kid didn’t share what his real name is, but his nickname is a fitting moniker, which you’ll realize after hearing about him.

Traveler Kid asked Jesse what he was doing, so he shared his Step It Up story with him. Then Jesse heard about Traveler Kid. At 4’8″ tall and 85 years old, Traveler Kid is short on stature, long on years, and big of heart. Every few months he purchases a $600 unlimited pass on the Greyhound Bus line and spends that time traveling all around the country. When the pass expires, he purchases another one. He’s been everywhere from Alaska to Florida, and he walks about six to eight miles everyday exploring the area he is in. Home base is one of two different hotel rooms, which he rents for extended periods of time.

Jesse was fascinated by Traveler Kid’s grasp of statistics. Studying maps is Traveler Kid’s hobby. Jesse said he can recite every fact about all the states and counties. When Jesse told him that Indiana is his home state, Traveler Kid told him how many counties Indiana has, the square miles in Indiana, the distance across in miles, and every other geographic fact about the state. And he knows this for all the states. He even knows things like how many Rhode Islands would fit into the state of Texas. Traveler Kid referred to his love of statistics as “hillbilly arithmetic”!

You never know–Jesse could very well meet up with Traveler Kid again on his hike across America.


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  1. garynmitchell says :

    Liked your story
    I have my web site up now.


    I have a question.
    How do you put the donate button on your web site?

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