Breakfast Burrito Makes My Day

My morning was a rocket right from the start.

From the second I crawled out of my small tent, two police officers pulled up and questioned me due to the fact that I camped only 30 feet from the Highway 290. They asked me what I was doing, and ran my driver’s license number. Not finding anything, they let me go on my way. It’s unusual for people to sleep by the highway, so they were being careful.

Breakfast BurritoNot but five minutes later my stomach was soon full and happy. Walking towards me on the narrow strip of grass along the highway  came a brave, smiling, and cheerful Sarah Ruth. She had seen me jogging through Fredricksburg, Texas the day before and then also on Highway 290 as she passed me on her way to work that morning. She stopped to make sure I was okay and simply made my day by giving me, a stranger to her, a breakfast burrito. It wasn’t just the burrito but her cheerful vibe that made my day. Thank you again Sarah!

Sara Ruth

Step It Up!


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One response to “Breakfast Burrito Makes My Day”

  1. Gary Mitchell says :

    Hi Jesse
    That pretty close to the highway, wasn’t it?
    Thank goodness for policeman doing their jobs.

    I had my follow up at my doctor today, he said that everything looked great and said that my cancer wasn’t back. In fact he said if hasn’t by now that it probably
    will never come back . I talked to your mom on the phone last week, she seams really nice. I know that she is really proud of what you are doing, so am I.
    Good luck with the rest of your walk and God Bless.
    Thanks for poeople like you and your family.

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