Big Day at Riley; WFMS Radio Interview

Friday was one of those great days filled with lots of blessings. Jesse had been planning to go and visit the Burn Unit at Riley Hospital earlier in the week, but got sick, so we ended up going yesterday. God must have planned it that way.

When we walked into the lobby at Riley, we could see that WFMS 99.5 radio was broadcasting live from the lobby, holding a two-day radiothon for the hospital. Lots of people everywhere. We actually got to meet two people who work for Riley Children’s Foundation, Cassie Martin and Jason Mueller, who’ve been helping with Jesse’s walk. After talking to them for a little bit, we headed up to the Burn Unit, where Jesse was surprised with the following sight:

What a nice surprise that was! Jesse got to see again some of the staff who had cared for him while he was there, including Kelly Rowles, who helped him through a really tough day. Here’s a picture of them together from Friday.

Kelly and Kathy McGregor, another new friend from Riley, filled us in on some really exciting news. The Burn Center is getting a whole new section in a new tower of Riley Hospital. It’s going to be about four times the size of the space they have now. Every room will have its own bathroom with shower, couch, a Wii, and there’s going to be a kid’s playroom as well as a hangout for older kids and teens! Of course there will be upgrades as far as the number of patient rooms and treatment rooms go too. Jesse was really excited to hear about the changes, because this will all make the lives of the patients and their families so much easier. As it is now, for the older patients who are teens, there isn’t much room for friends to hang out when they come to visit, so this will be such a nice addition. We can’t wait to see the grand opening, which will be sometime this summer or fall.

While we were all talking, Jason came up to find Jesse. It turns out that during the telethon, Mark Hamlin, program director from WFMS, had been interviewing patients from Riley live on the radio about their stories. They had an opening in their schedule and were wondering if Jesse would mind be interviewed! Well, what a blessing this opportunity was. Jesse was more than happy to do this. You can listen to his short interview below. Thanks to WFMS and Riley for letting us share this!

              Click here:  WFMS Radio Interview

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2 responses to “Big Day at Riley; WFMS Radio Interview”

  1. Robert Herrmann says :

    Hi Jesse, Grandma and I watched your interview from Riley Burn Center. Keep up the good work. We will keep saying prayers for you on the rest of your walk across America. We Love You. Grandma & Grandpa H.

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