Close Call

Jesse found out what a congested, busy city Houston is when a truck got a little too close for comfort. He was crossing at a busy intersection and had the right-of-way. He pushed his cart ahead of him and started crossing the street, when he noticed a pickup truck making a right turn on red toward him. The driver was looking left and accelerated to the right–right into Jesse’s cart–without ever looking right again. Jesse yelled, but the guy didn’t hear him. So, he yanked on his cart hard and swung it back around and jumped out of the way. About that time, the guy realized he had hit something and jammed on his brakes. He stopped and was horrified to see that he had nearly taken out a person.

He apologized profusely, and Jesse made it safely across the street. Both he and the cart are fine. Jesse’s guardian angel has been working overtime the last few months!

Step it up!


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