At the Firestation in Crowley, Louisiana

So much has happened as I’ve been walking across America that I haven’t written about yet. Twice I had to cross two massive bridges in Louisiana so dangerous that I had to hitchhike across both. One nice guy from a marina helped me cross the first one. The second one was crazy. I was waking on I10 in Louisiana and a police officer pulled up and said it was illegal to walk across the bridge and if I tried to cross the bridge at Lake Charles, he would give me a ticket.I tried for two hours to get a ride across, but no luck. I finally had to call a taxi to get across.

The next day I met a guy named Andrew Forsthoefel who left from Philadelphia and was walking to CA. We met on highway 90. We both had basically walked the same distance, around 1600 miles, but he had a 50 pound pack the entire time.  The reason why he was walking was to meet people and hear all their stories…so his blog is Walking to Listen. Seeing him was like a reflection of myself and a reminder of why I am doing this. He really encouraged me.

Andrew told me I should ask if I could stay in public places like fire stations or churches, so I took his advice and stopped at a fire station in Crowley, Louisiana and asked if I could camp outside. And they took me right in. They let me sleep in a trailer that they take to schools to let kids practice escaping as if it was on fire. I got to shower and chill and talk with all the firefighters till almost midnight. So cool. These guys were great, so I wanted to post a picture of them all.

That’s it for today!

Step it up!


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2 responses to “At the Firestation in Crowley, Louisiana”

  1. garynmitchell says :

    Hi there
    Looks like your doing pretty good. I have a new thing on my site . It is called
    My daily Journal.
    This is where i am posting all my daily activities ,photos, and i am hopeing to learn how to put videos on it. Maybe you or your mom can send me instructions on how to do it. Highly appreciate your help. Good luck and keep safe.

    • Jane VanOdol says :

      Hi Gary! How are you doing? I’ll try to look at the Journal and let you know later today. WIll you be taking pictures and video with your phone? What kind of phone do you have?

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