New Friends

Jesse met Tom and Romana Clark at an opportune time on his walk across America. Here are Jesse’s words:

Started by waking up in KOA campsite in Scott LA. Finally got debit card at Scott post office. Then all day I slowly zigzagged north towards hwy190. Got stopped by a policeman who  ran my license and for first time kinda padded me down and looked in my pockets. Eventually made it further north on beautiful country back roads when I noticed a river very flooded. Walked up and found a  sheriff talking with 2 locals.The sheriff stopped me to tell me a mile up was flooded up to his car hood and there was no way I was crossing. So I turned back and cut east on McVeigh rd, which was also very flooded. Had to cross water 3 times  up to my knees. Eventually, I made it to hwy 130 where I knocked on a random house to door to see if I could pitch a tent. I very cold and a nice man named Tom answered the door. He had done a lot of backpacking( alps, Appalachian, Rockies), so he was very understanding.

Later when I got my food bag out,  it was filled with water. Bread was soggy, so yuck. Then just in time Tom and his daughter brought me some amazing pork and potato roast. So, so good. Lord you’re so good; you get all glory! And thank you Tom and Ramona!


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One response to “New Friends”

  1. Robert Herrmann says :

    Hi Jesse, God sure has led you to the right people at the right time. A big thank you to Tom, Romana and Daughter. From Jesse’s Grandparents in Michigan.

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