Meeting Mississippi Family and a Seafood Feast

The Bob VanOsdol family

Jesse had a wonderful time meeting some extended family in Long Beach, Mississippi. Jesse’s grandpa, Wil VanOsdol, located a cousin Bob VanOsdol. Over the years, the two had fallen out of touch, but recently reconnected through Facebook. Bob was excited to hear about Jesse’s walk across America for Riley Hospital for Children, and he asked if Jesse would be interested in meeting him and his family.

Jesse certainly was. Bob picked Jesse up and brought him home and treated him to a wonderful couple days of food, fun, and family. Jesse loved meeting everyone and said how much they all reminded him of his family back home. One night they threw a massive seafood feast for him. Jesse said he could feel the “seafood monster” in him coming out again when he saw the pot of food they set before him. The last time he’d felt like that was when he ate crab legs with his Grandpa Herrmann. He had to make himself slow down on the eating so that he wouldn’t seem ridiculous!

Jesse had a wonderful time meeting his relatives. He loves the Mississippi VanOsdols and hopes to keep the visits going back and forth. Thanks so much to them for their kindness and southern hospitality!


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One response to “Meeting Mississippi Family and a Seafood Feast”

  1. Robert Herrmann says :

    Jesse, I bet that you were in seafood Heaven! I know that Grandma & I would be. Did you have all the seafood in front of you? Yummy, Yummy! Grandpa & Grandma

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