Jesse has walked into his last state on his walk across America, the sunshine state of Florida! He’ll be walking across the panhandle to his final destination of Jacksonville, so he’ll be walking in Florida for a few weeks. Over the weekend, he saw the steady stream of travelers heading south for spring break. Actually his Aunt Carol, Uncle Jon and cousins Connor, Cullan, and Donovan are in Florida, so he may be seeing them on their trip back home. He might get to meet up with them on I-10.

Jesse had a great weekend with some new friends, Jill and her husband. Jill introduced Jesse to so many people and took him to her mega church at Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola. They actually introduced him in the service and told the congregation about his walk across America. I’ll let Jesse tell you more about his weekend with them when he can.

Step It Up!


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2 responses to “Florida!”

  1. Robert Herrmann says :

    Hi Jesse, You are getting closer to finishing your walk ACROSS AMERICA. Uncle Jon, Aunt Carol, Connor, Cullan and Donovan will be watching for you. Love Grandpa & Grandma H. We love you.

  2. sebastian says :

    good luck buddy your almost there.

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