Riley Comes to the Rescue Again

The importance of Jesse’s walk across America was made clear to us once again last weekend when Jesse’s younger cousin Kyla needed to have emergency surgery on Friday.

I was driving home from a trip to Michigan when I got the call that Kyla was being sent to Riley Hospital for Children for emergency surgery. Right away I started calling people to get Kyla put on the prayer chain. Of course I called Jesse to let him know about Kyla. He was upset to hear the news and worried about her, but we both agreed that we couldn’t think of a better place for her to be! That call was a reminder to Jesse that raising money for the kids at Riley is such an important cause.

Mark and I visited Kyla and her parents, Brian and Kathy, over the weekend. She ended up staying about five days, and I am happy to say is home now and recovering quickly.

If you remember, back in February when Jesse was home on a break, he visited Riley Hospital and they told us the news about the Burn Unit being relocated to one of the floors at the new towers on the Riley campus. Well, Kyla’s room was in the new tower this past weekend, so we got to see how nice the Burn Unit will be when it’s finished. Kyla’s wing and room were just beautiful. The rooms are big, and each one has it’s own bathroom (with a shower), a small refrigerator, a Wii, TV/DVD player and a couch and chair, which can both be used for visitors to sleep on. It’s just a gorgeous facility with lounges and playrooms for visitors, kids, and teens. The rooms make it so much easier for parents to stay with their kids and for visitors to come up and visit–both important things to the recovery of sick kids!

On a funny side note, in February, Jesse had given Kyla a huge stuffed tiger (about 4 or 5 feet long). Kyla loves this tiger and she was told that she could bring one of her stuffed animals to the hospital with her. Well, she and Grandma VanOsdol had figured out a way to pack the tiger for the trip to Riley! Unfortunately, her dad heard about the plan and nixed it for a smaller teddy bear, but here she is back home with her favorite tiger again.

Happy Easter and step it up!


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