Jill and Randy Pilz, New Friends

I spent four fun-packed days with a dynamo named Jill Pilz and her husband Randy.

I first met Jill way back in the Mojave Desert in December when I was walking through California. Jill was on a trip and saw me walking in the desert. She offered to give me a ride if I needed to get somewhere. I couldn’t take a ride, but she shared some fruit with me and gave me her number and said to look her up when I got to Florida.

Four months later I did exactly that. Jill and Randy were willing to drive an hour the first day I was relatively close to their house to pick me up. I stayed the night with them and found out what great people they are! I ended up staying a few days with them. On the days I was with Jill, I took off from walking. Every day she had something exciting planned. One day I helped her run her booth at a flea market and had a ton of fun. I met so many people when I was with Jill. You see, Jill isn’t scared to talk to random people. So no matter where we were, she would introduce me and tell my story to help get the word out about my walk across America for Riley. She would walk up to people we didn’t know and say things like. “I bet you’ve never met someone who is doing what this guy is doing.” Then she would tell my story.

One day we toured the Blue Angel Navy base in Pensacola. On Sunday I went to Jill and Randy’s church, Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. This was a huge church filled with people with huge hearts. They introduced me in the service and told what I was doing. Several people even donated to my First Giving site.

And everyday Jill would drop me off to walk and pick me up at night. She and her husband Randy were a blessing to me and helped more than I can even say. I’m so thankful for these wonderful new friends!

Step It Up!


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2 responses to “Jill and Randy Pilz, New Friends”

  1. Robert Herrmann says :

    Jesse, On your “Walk Across America” you are meeting a lot of nice people. All of these nice people are sure a blessing for you to meet. You are so lucky. Love Grandpa & Grandma H.

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