5th Grade Granger Christian Students Help Step It Up!

Jesse received a surprise phone call from his Aunt Mary and her class of 5th grade students at Granger Christian School this morning. The students have been following Jesse’s progress, reading his blog, and praying for him as he has walked across America for the last 5 months.

Jesse was so excited to hear from the students–and they were really excited to finally get to talk to him. They had a little surprise for Jesse. For the last week, the students have been saving their allowances to put together in a gift to donate to Step It Up. They were excited to tell Jesse that they had raised $30 to donate for the Burn Unit at Riley Hospital for Children!

“I can’t believe they did this for me,” Jesse said after talking to the kids.

During the phone call the students got to take turns asking Jesse questions about his trip, and they got to hear some new details that Jesse hadn’t shared on his blog yet. He told them about the time last week when he woke up to find his sleeping mat on fire because it had gotten too close to his campfire while he was sleeping!

At the end of the conversation, each one of the kids individually prayed for Jesse and the rest of his trip, which, by the way, should end this weekend!

Thanks so much Mrs. Kane and the 5th grade class!

Image: Paul Gooddy / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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One response to “5th Grade Granger Christian Students Help Step It Up!”

  1. Robert Herrmann says :

    A great bunch of kids in the 5 th grade at Granger christian school. You are very lucky Jesse to have them follow you in Your Walk Across America. Grandpa & Grandma H.

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