Last Mile and Victory Swim!

Words are hard to describe the feelings Jesse has at the end of this trip. He is going to write about it in a day or two. Right now, here’s what the last mile and the victory swim looked like at Neptune Beach in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a joyful moment, and as Jesse said, “God gets all the glory!”

By the way, we met the nicest lady named Julie. She and her husband were biking, saw us walking (and the sign on Jesse’s backpack) and cheered him on the final dash to the beach. I believe she’s actually in the video–the lady on the bike.


8 responses to “Last Mile and Victory Swim!”

  1. Amber Van Osdol says :

    BROTHER! I’m so proud of you!! Watching that made me cry with happines : ). YOU DID IT!!!

  2. Rebecca says :

    Wow! This made me cry so hard! My husband helped Jesse in the bike shop, The Bicycle Cellar, in Tempe, AZ and I’ve watched Jesse walk all the way through his posts. what an amazing accomplishment by an amazing young man. way to go Jesse! And what a proud Mother you have today!!!!! God Bless you and your family!

  3. Kathy Ralston says :

    What a remarkable young man and a beautiful testimony!!!

  4. Wil & Janet VanOsdol says :

    we are all pumped up here in elkihart!!!!!!!!!!! what a blessing to see this video! Jesse you and God make a great team, love ya grandma and gramps v

  5. Clayton and Lisa Schwind says :

    Congratulations. Good job Jesse. God Bless and Keep You Strong.

  6. Robert Herrmann says :

    Jesse We watched the Video and Grandma & I are very happy for you.

  7. Charlie Bow says :

    Well done Jesse. Quite a task to undertake and quite a story for the generations of VanOsdols to come. Are you ready to begin your next adventure…in the job you trained for? Or are we going the have to watch the return trip to California? We are proud and happy that you fulfilled your quest.

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