Publicity from The Web Guys in Carmel, Indiana

Jesse’s walk across America is getting some mentions in different media, thanks to my boss Roger Laurendeau. Roger, owner of The Web Guys, an Internet marketing company in Carmel, Indiana, paid for two press releases for Jesse. The Miami Herald online Business Section is just one example of many that carried his story.

Miami Herald Read More…


Riley Comes to the Rescue Again

The importance of Jesse’s walk across America was made clear to us once again last weekend when Jesse’s younger cousin Kyla needed to have emergency surgery on Friday. Read More…


Jesse has walked into his last state on his walk across America, the sunshine state of Florida! He’ll be walking across the panhandle to his final destination of Jacksonville, so he’ll be walking in Florida for a few weeks. Over the weekend, Read More…

Meeting Mississippi Family and a Seafood Feast

The Bob VanOsdol family

Jesse had a wonderful time meeting some extended family in Long Beach, Mississippi. Jesse’s grandpa, Wil VanOsdol, located a cousin Bob VanOsdol. Over the years, the two had fallen out of touch, but recently reconnected through Facebook. Bob was excited to hear about Jesse’s walk across America for Riley Hospital for Children, and he asked if Jesse would be interested in meeting him and his family. Read More…

New Friends

Jesse met Tom and Romana Clark at an opportune time on his walk across America. Here are Jesse’s words: Read More…

At the Firestation in Crowley, Louisiana

So much has happened as I’ve been walking across America that I haven’t written about yet. Twice I had to cross two massive bridges in Louisiana so dangerous Read More…

Lafayette Flooding

Jesse posted a short video you can watch of some flood waters he encountered in his walk across America in Lafayette, Louisiana. This area had been inundated with rain and had severe flooding. When Jesse reached the town, the waters had receded a bit, but as you can see in the above video, he still had to wade through knee-deep water and ended up soaking most of the things in his cart. All of his clothes were wet, a good portion of his food, and his sleeping bag.

Here is a link to a news story on that flooding in southern Louisiana.

Click here:          News story

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